Plus 360 EditedPREMIUM

  • Popular brands of smartphones
  • “As Good As New” at competitive price
  • Undergone rigorous & stringent inspections by qualified technicians
  • Bundled with premium value-added services

– Privacy & secured communication encryption technology
– Virtual private network access (VPN)
– Water protected by nanopod360™ nano-coating technology
– Screen protector
– Related accessories

Value-Added Package


。Secure internet connection on wifi hotspots

。Concrete protection against data sniffers

。Safeguard your emails & instant messages

。Avoid third-party surveillance

。Prevent geo-targeting

。Ultra-fast streaming protects personal data

Silent Phonesilent-phone-icon

。Secured communication solution

。Peer-to-peer privacy encrypted communication

。Secured voice calls & text messaging

。Security centre for managing use of apps

Making Smartphone Smarter