The Nano-Coating Specialist

Forerunner in Liquid Protection | Water-Protec™ Nano-Technology

Used for Nano-Coating Smartphones & Tablets Mobile Devices

Vacuum Chamber / Device Cleaning
Film Compound Coating & Drying
Touch Screen & Computerized
User Friendly Graphical User Interface Control
Auto Timer / Cycle Counter
Tower Model

  • Easier
  • Faster
  • Durable
  • Cost-Effective

nanoPod360™ Technology Three Steps Process


Treatment Time Procedure

Coating Time for 1 unit of Mobilephone : 15 mins
Drying Time : Approx. 20 mins
Best Coating Result : after 48 ~ 72 hours

Technical Specification :

17” type
Dimension : 510mm X 500mm X 955 mm
Weight : 47.5 kg
Voltage : 220V/110V
Power : 750 watts

nanoPod360™ Liquid-Protection & Surface Bonding Technology

Water-Protec™ coating shields against liquid damage

  • Rain drizzle
  • Accidental spill of water coffee, juice, milk, etc


  • Does not affect device functionality
  • Does not change appearance of the device
  • Quick and simple treatment procedure

Our Goal & Value

To serve & protect our clients’ & partners’ Lifestyle devices through an advanced & effective process, and enhancing our technique and , exposure to the elements over a prolong period of time & to proactively seek to improve our processWe seek to understand our client’s needs and provide a cost-effective solution with Customer’s Satisfaction.